Captain Zodiac - Kona Hawaii’s most experienced rafting company - invites you to join us to tour Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii’s finest marine snorkel preserve and the site of Captain Cook's Monument.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does weather affect the trips?

A: We are fortunate to be on the Kona coast of the Big Island. Our side of the island is protected from wind and weather by three volcanoes so we are rarely affected by bad weather. If we must cancel due to extreme weather or sea conditions, your tour will be refunded. We are an adventure tour, but safety comes first!

2. Can I bring a good camera?

A: You sure can! The ride is generally dry, though occasionally we will have some light spray. We will instruct you to keep good cameras covered and you do bring them at your risk, but we do not see a problem with cameras that people bring. If you are worried about it, the current underwater cameras on the market take great above the water shots!

3. Is there anyone who should not go on this ride?

A: Due to the sometimes bouncy nature of our ride, people with bad backs, older people who are frail, and children under 4 years old are not to take our tour. Also, we do not allow pregnant women on our tours.

4. Are the boats covered?

A: No, because that takes away from the "raft" experience! Wear sunscreen and a hat and you will be loving it! We also are able to get under the sea caves BECAUSE we do not have a covered raft!

5. I have never snorkeled before, is it hard to do?

A: No, snorkeling is one of the easiest water activities you will ever do! Our captains are experts in teaching newbies and they are very patient too! We have flotation boards for beginners and for really lazy snorkelers. We also have flotation vests for weak and non swimmers (yes - non-swimmers can learn to snorkel too!). Non-swimmers will snorkel near the boat when wearing the flotation vest.

6. I have my own gear, can I bring it?

A: Yes you are welcome to bring your own gear! If the mask is brand new you should rub the inside lens with white tooth paste to remove the factory created film otherwise you will have problems with your mask fogging up.

7. Our last question we hear a lot: Why is the water so blue and clear?

A: Take our tour and you will find out! Aloha Captain Zodiac.

A Real Treasure